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HERMAN (HER-MAN) is a new and gender-neutral collection by Canadian artist and designer, Raif Adelberg.


At the forefront of Vancouver's fashion scene, Raif is best known for his ability to elevate streetwear to a level of luxury through carefully selected fabrics and trims and by incorporating hand-spun, hand-knit cashmeres into many of his garments.


Raif has helped shape the Canadian art and fashion landscape through his private collections, his “Fuck I Love You” series and his Deadboys Clubhouse projects. He also founded brick-and-mortar shops Twentyfour and Richard Kidd – a store that garnered attention from Condé Nast for providing one of the best retail experiences in the world. Over the years, Raif’s creations have been worn by a list of celebrities and fashion icons that includes Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz, Lil Wayne, Jared Leto, Future and Kendall Jenner.


Mixing up exquisite fabrics and high-end cuts with an original and authentic attitude, HERMAN offers pieces that are distinct and unique. While designed in Vancouver, the collection is inspired by Raif’s time spent in Los Angeles during the late 80's and 90's. As Raif explains, HERMAN embodies the surf, skate, punk and rock scenes of that era:


“Surf is reflected in the fluidity of the collection, while skate is more about the style. Punk is the attitude, and rock can be found in the presence and sex appeal. In those years, fashion was customized and individual - you either had style or you didn't.”


Raif designs with the idea of creating something truly authentic for someone who knows how to wear it:


“I love the idea of picturing a woman or a man who has a certain sense of sophistication and confidence, but is still a bit rough around the edges. That person has a presence. HERMAN is an experience, an accessory for those with a true sense of style. I want to see people create. It’s more about style and less about the clothing. Fashion is just another accessory for someone who has great style.”